Aldi Mig Welder Joke: This One Will Have You in Stitches!

Do you know the one about the Aldi Mig Welder? It’s sure to have you in fits of laughter! Read on to find out why!

The Aldi Mig Welder Joke

So, here it is:

A man walks into an Aldi store and spots a Mig Welder. He’s never seen one before, so he asks the shop assistant what it is. The shop assistant replies: “It’s an Aldi Mig Welder – it’s the best welder around!”

The man then says: “Really? I don’t know much about welding. How does it work?”

The shop assistant replies: “It’s simple. You just plug it in and it welds itself!”

Why This Aldi Mig Welder Joke is So Funny

Aaaand the explanation to ruin the joke 😀

This joke is so funny because it plays on the idea that Aldi products are so good, they can practically do the job for you! It’s a humorous exaggeration of the quality of Aldi products.

The joke also has an element of surprise – the punchline is unexpected and this makes it even funnier.

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